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COVID-19 Update

Current Status:

With the threat of COVID-19, Squat Team has taken precautions to prioritize the health, safety and welfare of our employees. At our fulfillment center we continue to enforce increased sanitization protocols and to implement social distancing in workflows. As a result, we may experience slight delays in order processing. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. Please stay safe and stay healthy.

SQUAT TEAM is the leading provider in the latest fitness gear. From compression to quick dry clothing, we've got you covered no matter what activities you aspire to do.

Contact a SQUAT TEAM expert and tell us how we can help:

  • Provide measurements and get an accurate size and fit with our waist trainers
  • Get up to date tracking info and help with orders already placed
  • Need to return or replace? Contact us and we'll help you through the process